Product overview

ABRISHAM DCS is an airline departure control system (DCS) focused on the end-to-end customer experience at the airport. Designed by the latest technology, ABRISHAM Departure Control system automates main airport processes from passenger check-in to departure.


  • Easy learning with reduced time of training
  • Fast processes execution speed
  • Integrated reservation module
  • Web Based
  • User Friendly application
  • Easy to manage
  • Automated IATA messaging
  • Reduce airport staffing due to simplified process of check in to boarding
  • Enhance customer experience by reducing processing time
  • Integrated check in solutions that offer gate, mobile and web check in
  • Ability to send APP of passenger and crew to SITA gateway
  • Adapt with government security and industry mandates


DCS Check-in for your own Airline

The integrated DCS Check-in system allows airline staff access in real time to all flights scheduled for your airline. An unlimited number of check-in agents can access and perform check-in operations on the same flight at the same time and can access any other flight from the same screen.

Check-in for Other Airlines

As well as checking-in your own airline flights you can receive PNL's and ADL's from other airline systems and complete full check-in procedures as a handling company. IATA PNL's can be imported automatically to the system via TTY messages and all the functions of the check-in system can be used for the other airline.

Real Time Access to Flights

Communications from all locations across the world are simple using a standard internet connection and can be used on any PC based workstation or laptop. You can also run the check-in system with a wireless connection using a laptop with a WiFi connection or 3G connection which is rapid due to very low data transmission from the system. Users then have full direct access to all centralized data in the core system which allows real time connections to the latest passenger data. Check-in staff can access the full booking and even change bookings at the check-in desk if required and authorized.

APP message handling

The Advance Passenger Information System or APIS (often incorrectly called Advanced Passenger Information System) is an electronic data interchange system established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).The ABRISHAM DCS has a comprehensive Advanced Passenger Information System which allows your airline to collect passport details from passengers and transmit them to the relevant authorities for your routes. Fully integrated into the core database passenger passports can be scanned and stored within seconds at the airport. The APIS module is also fully integrated with the online booking engine allowing your passengers to enter details online.

Ticketed Passenger Lists

When the check-in agent requests a flight within the DCS a full list of ticketed passengers is displayed and is color coded so that the agent can see the status of the passengers - Ticketed, checked-in or boarded. The agent can then carry out check-in operations directly from the screen including seat allocation, checking the passenger in, printing boarding passes and bag tags and entering the Advanced Passenger Information.

Reporting System

M-DCS have professional reporting and data analyses system. Turn your airline data into answers with interactive analysis. Valuable data that drives your business lives in your DCS system In today’s world information moves quickly. This is why it’s essential to have the right information available at the right time to make business decisions.

Seat Plan and Allocation

Interactive seat plans are displayed to the check-in agent which allows them to allocate seats, block seats and view which seats are occupied, checked-in and boarded. All the seat plans including those in DCS and online work in real time and from the same data to eliminate the possibility of seat duplications.

Flexible capabilities to support a variety of hardware

Due to the rapid development of the country's airport X system has a high potential to support printers and other airport-related instrument. It is expandable with customers' demands.

Boarding Passes and Bag Tags

The system prints IATA compliant boarding passes and bag tags automatically when passengers are checked-in.

Online Check-in

Now your passengers can relax, check-in at home and know they will have the seat they want with the added comfort of a boarding pass in their hand before they even leave for the airport.