ABRISHAM Passenger Service suite

Abrisham is a Passenger Service suite (PSS) that help airlines respond to market and simplify services to customer.

Our fully integrated solution with internet booking system allow airlines to merchandise their products and distribute merchandising strategy across all direct and indirect channels.

The solution provides access to the same information across all touch points and giving airlines the power to enhance customer experience. To keep customer loyal Abrisham PSS supports end-to-end approach to sale and service.

Abrisham PSS has capability to connect with GDS, DCS, and other airline system to send, receive and process IATA standard messages. Also our developers and expert team use the latest technology and tools to improve the solution. So they intend to develop New Distribution Capability introduced by IATA and take advantages of ancillary revenue.


Abrisham inventory empowers your airline through automation and simplicity. It increases efficiency in scheduling. The benefit of scheduling in Abrisham result in more professional planning. This solution helps you to management of flight schedule, code share, interlining & Advance seat request (ASR). Abrisham inventory leverages revenue and schedule management capabilities to grow revenue.


Abrisham Fare management enables you to adapt quickly market conditions. It is a fully automated solution to calculate complex international itineraries. The Pricing and fare management solution supports commercial planning decisions and allows airline to more quickly update fare strategy.


Abrisham DCS is a fast solution to processing passenger in airport. The solution is a fast and reliable solution to enhance passenger’s experience. Abrisham DCS facilitate efficient passenger processing from check-in via the web, or mobile phone, to boarding control at the airport gate.

Abrisham DCS is supported by the best method in implementation of user interface and is fully keyboard based to accelerate check in to boarding process.


Abrisham reservation simplifies booking process. Abrisham Reservation powers customer relationship management through unified records for each passenger itinerary. This reservation guarantees the lowest human error through help sale’s staff to book easily and accurately.


A module rich Internet Booking Engine providing direct sales directly to your customers. Reducing your cost of sale and getting payment in advance.